An advertising commercial session was realized for PWJ Folie located in Soninie near Łańcut. The advertising shots I did included the preparation and assembly of the LLumar protective film. As with any advertising session, I made the whole project using 4 lamps, because without good lighting on the set a adult toy shop, there are no good photos! ;)

Have you ever seen the process of preparing and wrapping the car with a protective film? If not, I invite you to watch the photo shortcut. In short, the process looks like all chromed and plastic parts must be glued to polish the lacquer. Because the varnish must become perfectly smooth, like a mirror for foil wrapping. Then the whole is degreased and sprayed, because the installation of the film is always carried out wet.

For highly curved elements, such as a mirror, it is necessary to heat the film with a steamer that provides better flexibility when pulling the film onto a given element. Some elements are cut out with a plotter, as in this case the emblem of the Mercedes logotype. However, the most important thing is the experience and good hand of the fitter and photographer;)