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Photographer Marek Wolan

I provide photography sessions ranging from simple product photography to complex commercial shoots, not only in Rzeszow and Podkarpackie, but also in other cities throughout Poland. My services include:

  • Studio photography: portrait photography, business photography
  • Product photography, advertising packshot photography
  • Business image photography: studio or outdoor photo sessions
  • Corporate photography
  • Document photos – ID photos, CV photos, student ID photos, diploma photos
  • Real estate photography, object photography, interior photography, drone photography
  • Event photography
  • Occasional photography: wedding photography, christening photography, communion photography, prom photography
  • Children’s photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Photography for students
  • Dog photography
  • Photo montage as a gift
  • Photo restoration
  • Retouching and editing of customer-provided photos
  • We also offer canvas printing and archival quality printing on chemical-free paper (for museum, collector, and souvenir purposes).

As a photographer from Rzeszow with many years of experience in the industry, I value building great relationships with my clients, as it always translates to better quality photos. Whether it’s wedding photography or product photography, it should always be exceptional, and it’s the person taking the photos, not the camera, whose vision and perspective dictate the final result.

Every photography session I undertake is followed by individual editing and retouching of the photos. With 18 years of experience in photography, I guarantee quality and professionalism. I enjoy working as an interior or product photographer, but my primary area of expertise is wedding photography. As a creative photographer, I am very open-minded, allowing me to observe things and people for who they really are and take on any type of event photography in a true journalistic style.

Wedding photography or product photography, packshot, advertising – it all starts with a vision, without which there is no photo. Knowing that everyone is different and has a unique perspective on the same thing, I understand that no two photographers are alike, and no one else can take the same photos. I know how much value good photography brings in every case, whether it’s for newlyweds or entrepreneurs. That’s why I don’t limit myself to photography commissions only in Rzeszow, but I’m happy to travel to more distant locations, and I often take photos abroad.

fotograf rzeszów

Interior, product, lifestyle, and business photography.

interior photography

Interior photography

product photography

Product photography

advertising photography

Lifestyle photography / advertising photography / styling.

business photography

Studio photography

  • Photo for ID

    contents: Photos for documents in the center of Rzeszów, ul. Grunwaldzka 18/2 The cost of taking photos for documents in our studio: any type of document, biometric photos - PLN 50/person photos are printed on site - the most popular formats, e.g. 6 pcs. 35x45mm or 4 pcs. 45x65 mm, are cut [...]

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  • Video offer

    Content: Video recording and editing We have launched a new offer that allows the production of various types of films and their processing. Thanks to this, you are able to get a professional film with 4K quality. You place the order, we take care of the rest and after the work is completed, [...]

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  • Photography and video using a drone

    Drone filming Quite recently, we decided to expand our photography offer by recording videos and taking photos with a drone. You can even take it literally, because we started taking photos and videos using a drone that is equipped with a 48-megapixel camera. These drone photos and videos not only contain extensive frames, but are [...]

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  • First Holy Communion photos

    First Holy Communion Photographer Rzeszów Quite recently, the period in which the First Holy Communion ceremony took place, which is one of the most important events in the life of a young person, has ended. Our photographers were active at that time and made a few photo sessions from this important church ceremony. The First [...]

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Wedding photography is not just a stack of prints or gigabytes of photos.

It’s primarily about memories, moments, facial expressions, and emotions that accompany you on this unique and unforgettable day.

The same feelings that were present on that special day.

I strive to show you in the most beautiful way possible, so that years later, the photos can evoke exactly that day.

Photographs show a story that can be told without words…

It is a memento for a lifetime… I do wedding photography as well as advertising and studio photography.

Rzeszów, Kraków, Wrocław

Distances don’t matter, I work throughout the EU.

Przygotowania do ślubu

Wedding preparations

Ceremonia ślubna

Wedding ceremony

Zabawa weselna

Wedding party

ślubna sesja plenerowa

Wedding outdoor session


I highly recommend working with Marek!!! He is a very communicative person who adapts all the details of his work to the client’s requirements. If you decide to cooperate with him, you will see for yourself that your wedding souvenir and photos will be what you dreamed of. I highly recommend

Monika Kapusta

Marek took photos at our wedding, wedding party and outdoor session. The end result – above expectations, the guy knows the job.

Marcin Domański

AGAIN, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR THE NICE AND PROFESSIONAL COOPERATION ON MY BEHALF AND MY WIFE’S BEHALF – you did a great job in my opinion – because the photos are really nice…. not only to us, but to many people who had the opportunity to see them (mainly via www)… -))) I greet you again and if necessary we will be in touch….

Andrzej i Agnieszka

Well, to be honest, I didn’t expect it – the photos are awesome, they exceeded our expectations (of course I knew they would be good) it’s all so fabulous, beautiful and emotions captured in such a way that I can’t wait for the final result and especially the photos from the fun thank you so much, you are an artist.


Thank you very much for everything, the album is BEAUTIFUL, we wouldn’t change a thing. We will definitely recommend you because it was the best money spent in our lives. THANKS A LOT

Michał i Małgosia

Hello Marek, you’ve done a great job, the photos are really brilliant. I have already sent it to my friends, galleries share my opinion. You know what you’re doing. I wish you a lot of success and many many customers. Biedronkaaaaa It’s nice to work with you Regards

Sylwia i Dawid

Hi Marus! It was also a pleasure for us to work with you. I didn’t expect my photographer to be so young and handsome :) he he will give you some sugar and what? This is also very important. And your approach to people is also awesome, I felt like I knew you earlier and not on the same day. I like and appreciate such open-minded people who make contacts easily and in such a loose but polite way. And when it comes to the photos: high-class aesthetic and ingenious. Our friends were delighted to say that they were original and different than all, not set with artificial emotions and smiles, not pretended, just so fresh, natural, full of real emotions, they show everything, love, passion, joy, tears stop these fleeting moments, these glances. Beautifully immortalized day, photos cover every element of this day, watching them evoke wonderful memories. Your artistic and modern approach. Overall a great atmosphere :) Today I only regret that we did not do a plein-air on another day, but only because I would like to have more such photos. Of course, I will recommend you to all my friends. One of my friends even saw the photos on nk and wrote to me that they are normally masterpieces. They are planning a wedding maybe somewhere in a year and she said that she already knows which photographer she wants :) :) :) someday and maybe we will have a chance to work together. I’m not thinking about divorce and another wedding he he but maybe some other important event if you don’t refuse us… Thank you very much!

Ania i Andrzej

Marek, Super extra big WOW! I didn’t think that such nice pictures would come out – of course, Staszek and I looked at everything, the package arrived intact. You really captured the moments (of course there are “masters” photos, e.g. Staszek’s slightly made uncle ;p) hehe but that’s exactly what we expected. Let’s be real, let the photos show fun and joy Tomorrow we are going to my parents’ place, so your work will see the light of day.

Pozdrawiamy i życzymy owocnego rozwijania talentu – Dominika

Marek, we have chosen you after carefully reviewing your works. This choice was not accidental, your photos made a huge impression on us … and we are quite critical :) I will not write about your talent, because it is indisputable, but we would like to thank you very much for capturing the moments so important to us in the most beautiful frames. I can say with certainty that in addition to being a photographer, you are also an artist. You are a nice, warm person, thanks to which working with you was very easy. Congratulations on your diligence and perfectionism and I wish you further success!

Pozdrawiamy Kasia i Tomek

Moment – this word perfectly reflects the spirit contained in the photos taken by Marek. It is not an art to take a photo, but the art is to capture this particular moment, this particular shot in which all these emotions are contained. When later, some time later, you look at this photo – you can just feel it, move back to that moment and feel with your whole body and soul what was happening then. Amazing, isn’t it… but true :) Marek is a real artist! Thank you so much for the wonderful photos, each one is really beautiful and of excellent quality. You can see that what you do, you do with passion. We were very pleased that you took part in such an important day for us and captured it wonderfully. Thank you again and best regards :)

Iwona i Grzegorz

It was a pleasure to work with you, and the result is fantastic, original and high-quality photographs. You worked discreetly, yet you were always in the right place to capture the most important moments. The effect is that we have photographs that are not accidental, they show what is most important – emotions and wonderfully tell the story of this most important day for us. We watch the album with pleasure and the feeling of money well invested :-) Thank you very much for your cooperation and best regards!

Ania i Paweł

Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures. They are really wonderful, we did not expect them to be so good. Many people watched them and everyone is delighted. thank you also for the great atmosphere during the photos. it was the best money I’ve ever spent. we will recommend you to others. Thank you and best regards.

Kasia i Tomek

Cooperation with you, Marek, was sensational, you have cool and original ideas that make our photos unique. Thank you again for everything.

Dominika i Michał

Marek, it was a pleasure working with you. The photos are amazing and we are delighted with them. The shots themselves are non-standard and unique. The album impressed everyone. Creating a website with photos from the session for each individual is a brilliant idea. Thanks again for a wonderful keepsake for a lifetime.

Pozdrawiamy Kasia & Łukasz

We’ve been gathering to write a few words of recommendation for Marek for a long time… It’s not an easy task, because as you know, in our Polish mentality it’s more acceptable to complain about something than to praise it;) Additionally, after reading most of the previous comments, it seems that little or nothing can be added. The fact that the photos are simply brilliant is easy to see by looking at the gallery or album, which made a great impression on each of our family and friends.

The impact of the shots is probably in their naturalness and great dynamics. The effects of the reportage and outdoor event exceeded our wildest expectations: we have something more than a photo album – a wonderful composition of various, joyful, funny, less and more important moments from our wedding day, photos that have this very important SOMETHING in them, they are magical and they actually live their own lives. They are touching, funny, but above all unique. It is in this context that we join the praise of Marek’s talent, sensitivity, ability to observe and capture the moment. Cooperation with Marek (as well as its effects) was great – he won us over with his sense of humour, professional and individual approach to the client and discretion during the ceremony (to the point that some guests did not even notice the presence of the photographer :).

In closing, thank you again for the wonderful photos and help in the action with the car, which just fell ill for the open-air :).

Pozdrawiamy serdecznie Iza i Marcin

We highly recommend Mark’s services. The photos are a real masterpiece! Interesting ideas and great shots remain not only in memory, but also in photography. Thank you and therefore we recommend that every event as important as our wedding was captured by the camera shutter of such a professional person as Marek.

Pozdrawiamy Andrzej i Kamila

Thank you for capturing all the most important moments of such an important day for us as the wedding and wedding ceremony. What’s more, we are grateful for your patience and commitment during the photo session. The whole family is delighted with the professional and original performance of the photos as well as discreet work during the ceremony. Thank you for the wonderful photos and great cooperation. Your skills are undoubtedly worth recommending to everyone who is faced with the decision to choose a photographer.

Pozdrawiamy Małgosia i Michał

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