Studio photography Rzeszow

Not so long ago, we opened our new premises, which houses a professional photo studio. What’s more, it is located in the city center, which ensures the convenience of our customers.

Our photography studio allows you to carry out various types of portrait and image sessions, etc. using professional equipment and a team of photographers who know their stuff. A specially designed room will ensure your privacy while taking pictures. So what kind of photo sessions do we do?

In our photo studio we can organize studio sessions:
  • portrait photos
  • images
  • business photos

Photos for documents

  • ID photos
  • passport photos
  • passport photos
  • diploma/index photos.
What makes us different?

Each place has its own individual atmosphere and style. We focused on creating a climatic place that prevails in our studio, which is the only professional portrait and animal photography studio in Podkarpacie. The elements that remain characteristic of us are the arrangement, equipment and band. Approximating:

Studio arrangement

Our photo studio has been designed so that there is a possibility of choosing the background on which the photos will be taken: three color variants of brick, various paper backgrounds including black, white, graphite, oxford blue and backgrounds painted in vintage style.

What’s more, to create a homely atmosphere, we focused on delicate furnishings of the studio. Sofa, armchair, lamps – these can also be in front of the lens. The vegetation that refreshes the interior adds charm to this place.

Our vision of what a portrait photography studio should look like is still expanding, so that our clients feel as comfortable as possible here.


As we have already mentioned, our portrait photography studio is characterized by professionalism due to the possession of photographic equipment that ensures the best quality photos: lighting equipment, cameras, specialized backgrounds for photos for documents.

The equipment also includes cosmetic items, thanks to which you can improve your appearance before the session to feel even more confident in front of the camera.

Team of photographers

We know from our own experience how important the team we work with is, and after all, a photo session is synonymous with cooperation. In her moment, the most important person is the one in front of the lens. However, it is the photographer’s job to guide and guide, as well as the shooting itself.

In our photo studio you will meet in a friendly atmosphere and individual approach. You will definitely see the effect in the photos!

Effects of studio photo sessions

Depending on what photo session you decide on, you will get different effects. However, one common thing is having professional photos in your portfolio that will present and build your image.

Such portrait photos can be used to share in your social media, and even on the company website, especially image and business photos.

Studio photography Rzeszow

Our photo studio is located in the center of Rzeszów at ul. Grunwaldzka 18/2. We cordially invite you to make an appointment for a photo session, or first to look around in it, and then definitely to the session. We also invite you to contact us by phone.

See the backstage of one of the last studio sessions

How to prepare for study sessions?

Take care of yourself

To look beautiful in photos, remember to take care not only of your complexion,but also of well-being. Every sadness and negative emotions will be visible in the photo, so remember not to deny yourself small pleasures. A few days before the photo session, we recommend hydration to make the skin supple and look younger. Of course you can also use moisturizing creams but no later than 2 days before the session.

Dress nicely

The best choice when it comes to clothing for a studio session will be mono colored, simple (not patterned). For men, it’s a good idea to wear a simple shirt, jacket and pants that match the whole outfit. Women may wear shirts and elegant trousers/skirts. Of course, it all depends on the client’s needs. If it is possible, we recommend taking a few styles with you so that we can match them in color to the color of the backgrounds in our studio. Remember that these are just loose suggestions and not requirements, so don’t worry ;)

What pictures do you like?

A studio session consists of photos primarily to show your image and with these photos you will promote yourself or your company in social media. Browse our portfolio on the website or use a search engine, services such as Instagram or Pinterest. Save the photos you like and show them to me before the session, so we can follow them

Price list for studio photography

Photo session in the studio, which will result in 3 unique and unique photos – PLN 300

Each additionally selected shot above the basic set, after thorough processing and retouching – PLN 75/piece

Do you have any questions or would like to arrange a studio session? Fill out the form below, I will reply as soon as possible or call me on +48 698 342 111