Advertising photography is a specialization whose task is to show a product or service in such a way as to encourage the customer to purchase it. This is one of the basic forms of brand promotion. Great attention to every detail is required here, because this type of photos must highlight the most important features of the photographed product, or show the profits associated with purchasing the service offered.

Packshot advertising photo

The foundation of effective advertising are photos taken in original shots according to the idea of ​​an experienced photographer. Taking advertising photography needs not only many years of practice and skills, but also imagination combined with creativity. Due to their marketing nature, photos are often taken against the backdrop of an arranged scenery, with properly set lighting. The final effect is to intrigue the recipient and convince him to buy.

Advertising photographyis used both in printed form (posters, leaflets or catalog covers) and posted online on websites.

Promotional photos for companies

medical, dental, aesthetic medicine, beauty salons, production companies, service companies, boarding houses, spas, hotels, real estate agents, developers, ….

– interior, object and space photography
– jewelry photography,
– photography of clothing, also of the Ghost type,
– business / corporate photos,
– reportage, documentary, event and inspection photography,
– company group photos,
product photography, devices, machines,
– arranged photos.

I treat each order / inquiry individually, depending on the number of shots, the valuations are set individually, I am also willing to take up challenges other than those listed above. We also process photos entrusted by the client.

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