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Wedding photography2023-08-21T15:14:26+02:00

Video wedding photography portfolio

Wedding portfolio

I love photographing people, I admire their faces, the way they are and their lifestyle. Photography consists not only of pixels, but also of human beauty, the beauty of magical moments and emotions that only complement the moments that are important to people. Participation in the event of a wedding, i.e. the completion of two people through the sacrament of marriage, is a great experience, not only for the Bride and Groom, recording the states of these people in the form of photographs is a deep experience for me every time. As a wedding photographer, I am an observer of everything that happens during this special day, from the preparations to the wedding fun. These are newly met, wonderful people, unusual emotions and various climates. Wedding preparations can be the most stressful, but also the most exciting. That’s when the bride and groom try to get everything down to the last detail – emotions and creations.

Photos from weddings and wedding ceremonies

This is also the moment they’ve been waiting for so long. As a photographer, I try to present it in a rather subtle way so that the person who looks at the photo can feel what emotions were floating in the air that day. The most important part of the day, i.e. the ceremony that usually takes place in the open air, office or church. First glimpses of the bride and groom. The first tears in the eyes resulting from the feeling of happiness. The splendor of the dress and the beauty of the flowers make you feel like you have entered the world of a fairy tale. After participating in hundreds of weddings, I must admit that each one is unique and different. This is also the difference between each photo session performed during the wedding, a separate charm.

After taking the oath, a new chapter begins in the life of the Bride and Groom. It’s time to live together. But first, there’s time for celebration, which happens during the full intensity of the wedding fun. Joy, tears, sometimes sadness and anger – a whole range of colorful emotions can be drawn on people’s faces, and during one day there are so many of them to remember. In some time, as well as a few years, the Bride and Groom and wedding participants will have the opportunity to return to each of the photographed moments. All this thanks to photography, which can express a lot. Pictures painted with light in the form of photographs will accompany you until late. I hope we can create something great together.

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Wedding preparations

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The wedding ceremony


Wedding fun


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Frequently asked questions
What hardware are you working on?2023-03-27T13:56:27+02:00

Equipment does not create, without an idea there is no photographer, it is the photographer’s development that matters what his photography will be like, equipment is needed for the craft itself, and the final effect depends on the vision or idea, to sum up – the equipment is good – the vision is better.

Do you retouch photos taken?2023-03-27T13:55:02+02:00

Photo processing is mainly color, photo retouching is an essential element for stronger close-ups, but it also has to be skillfully done :)

Do you run videography services?2023-03-27T13:52:40+02:00

Yes, the link to our offer can be found at this link

Do you speak English?2023-03-27T13:40:18+02:00

Yes, fluent.

Do you have permission to photograph?2023-03-27T13:36:27+02:00

Yes, I have permission from the Curia to take pictures in sacred buildings.

Who do you work for?2023-03-27T13:33:14+02:00

At the wedding, usually until 01:00

Do you take photos outside of Poland?2023-03-27T13:31:22+02:00

I do photo sessions throughout Poland, Austria, Germany, Great Britain and Ireland. It’s all up to you :) But mostly it’s the Podkarpackie and Lesser Poland voivodeships.

How many photos will we receive?2023-03-27T13:29:39+02:00

Depending on the package :) I usually take about 3,000 shots (assuming about 2-4 double shots), of which I choose only unique photos for you, which are carefully processed. The average number of photos returned is between 330-380 – depending on the length of the open air and the number of attractions at the wedding – 2 sets of photos are always returned, one in full resolution in the sRGB profile (ready for printing) and the other adapted for WEB (ready for sending e-mail, posting on Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

What to do if the equipment fails?2023-03-27T13:27:35+02:00

Electronics are always electronic, so they can always break down, taking this into account it is necessary to have a large supply of equipment :)

When does the outdoor session take place?2023-03-27T13:23:21+02:00

If it’s on the same day, usually after the first dance, but it’s better to do the session on another day, we have more time, we don’t get nervous, there’s no stress or rush – which unfortunately can be seen in the pictures (no, I’m not nervous :) You :)) And we can implement more ideas, visit more locations and we are not limited by the weather, we only choose the one that suits us.

Are drone photos possible?2023-03-27T13:04:43+02:00

Yes, I have the appropriate permissions and high-end equipment so that I can also take photos from a height :)