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Drone filming

Quite recently, we decided to expand our photography offer by recording videos and taking photos with a drone. You can even take it literally, because we started taking photos and videos using a drone that is equipped with a 48-megapixel camera. These drone photos and videos not only contain extensive frames, but are also of great quality.

Such photos and videos taken with the help of a drone can be used in many ways, for example on a website, social media or as promotional / advertising material.

Drone photos

We focused on further development in photography and film, but this time using a drone that can cover large areas or real estate with its camera. The drone is a new opportunity for us and for you when it comes to professional photos and videos. Aerial shots, presenting a given area, are gaining particular popularity. Drone photos and videos can be used in many industries.

Drone videos

Thanks to the drone, you can create a really attractive promotional video for your company, or a video of the region where aerial shots will work. There are really many applications. It can also present the services of your company or be its showcase. All this with a smooth and professional 4K image.

By choosing our drone video service, you will receive a fully edited video with music. If you operate as a company and have your own logo, we can also include it in the ready-to-use video.

Drone photos in Rzeszów

The advantage of drone photos is primarily that they can be taken from a really long distance from the photographed object. If it is a real estate, the drone photo will show the building in all its glory. Along with it, you can also show the surrounding area and the panorama in such a photograph.

In the case of such a photo taken with a drone, you can use it on the company’s website, as a real estate advertisement, and even put such a photo on a business card.

In addition to the main advantage of drone photos, which is taking them from a distance, they are also characterized by really good quality and professionalism. Therefore, these photos may be used later on the website and social media.

Property drone photos

Wanting to sell or rent a property, we care about the best possible advertising of the building, presenting it in all its glory and often its surroundings. In such a situation, a drone that will take extensive shots of the property from different angles, as well as from a bird’s eye view, will be the best solution. Photos and a promotional video assembled by us will prove useful here. We can perform them during the day and at night.

A business card from a drone

Maybe it’s time to introduce your customers to your company and the services you offer them? With the help of photos and videos from the drone, you can get an attractive and professional business card of your company. You can also decide to show your customers what its exact location is – as directions thanks to bird’s eye views and, for example, thanks to 360-degree shots, the so-called virtual walk.

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Drone panorama

We know how stunning sweeping panoramas can be. Ideally, all this beauty should be captured in one photo. And this, fortunately, can be achieved with a drone.

Do you want to encourage your customers to visit your premises or buy a property by presenting them with a great panorama? We can do it with the help of photos and videos from the drone. What’s more, we can do it when the sun goes down, and even at night. The time of day does not prevent you from capturing what is most important. Processing such photos and videos will only emphasize the colors and add an even better effect.

Filming parties with a drone

The drone and its ability to photograph and record is also great for any special events or events. Wedding, communion or maybe a concert? During such events, videos and photos can show the participants, the place and the surroundings from a different perspective than the photographer takes them.

Dron photography services

The drone that started our adventure with photography and video is the Mavic 2 PRO.

We already have the first photos and edited videos made with a drone, the effects of which we show on our social media.

If you are interested in drone photos and videos, please feel free to contact us.

If you are interested in drone photography and video, please visit contact. Our photo studio in Rzeszów takes photos of real estate, plots, buildings with a drone, photos of special events and events, as well as drone filming of weddings and weddings. We also prepare advertising and promotional films for companies in most industries.

Rzeszow photographer – M. Wolan

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