The way a product is presented is one of the key factors affecting the effectiveness of sales, especially those conducted online. In such circumstances, the customer has a limited field to evaluate the goods, relying only on the photos provided to him by the manufacturer or seller. Unprofessional photography not only further limits the possibility of a full assessment, but also affects the way the brand is perceived. Therefore, it is worth investing in the highest quality product photos – the so-called. packshots.

Packshot photography

Packshots at first glance appear to be simple, low-tech photos – but this image is very misleading. Although they all have common features (white background, large depth of field, even lighting, no shadows), due to the individual properties of individual products, it is necessary to individualize the approach each time when making them. Parameters such as texture, colors, material or shape directly affect how the object looks in the photograph. That is why it is worth relying on the knowledge and experience of professionals who ensure the highest quality of services in this area. This will not only increase profits and build a positive brand image, but also make savings in photo processing, which turns out to be completely unnecessary if you use professional photographic services.

Product photos for companies and e-commerce

We take product photos for e-commerce in most industries. They are used for product catalogs. So far, we have taken product photos for online stores from:

– RTV, household appliances,

– automotive industry (car parts, fluids, batteries, spare parts),

– parts for agricultural and construction machines and vehicles,

– furniture and interior fittings,

– garden furniture and garden haberdashery,

– agro industry

– fashion,

– cosmetics and perfumes,

– dietary supplements and vitamins,

– storage racks,

– glassworks.

Packshots in Rzeszów

Below is a gallery of simple product photography (packshots) and clothing photos (also ghost / ghost type), I also invite you to the second advertising photography gallery, where there are also photos of products in arrangements and more difficult performances.

Product photographer Rzeszów

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