Portrait session

Portrait photos should be helpful in capturing the elusive depth of a person, with the kind of dialogue that will allow you to photograph a person. Portrait sessions by me have the character of transformation. I will reach the depths of you and draw your portrait in the form of a beautiful performance in the photo.

The portrait session itself is a kind of mental work with the other person, and the last 5 years I have devoted the main role to face reading, characteristic, minute effects and such other things that currently cause me perfect. Reading body language, face, face, or thoughts, which is transformed as a result to get a perfect recording of the person who created it in the image.

Allows me to immortalize my portrait in a targeted and thoughtful way.

In the image, there is a moment, a moment, an observer, as well as a person appearing in the execution of the image or photograph, which is why the entire studio was arranged not by accident, as well as the accompanying music or smell specific to me Take multi-dimensional portraits of photographed people.

We warmly invite you to portrait sessions at my photo studio in the center of Rzeszów, ul/ Grunwaldzka 18/2.

marek wolan fotograf rzeszów

Portrait sessions in Rzeszów

Looking for an original gift that will be a souvenir for years? We cordially invite you to take advantage of our attractive offer of portrait photography. We carry out portrait sessions in the largest photo studios in Rzeszów, and the moments crowned with them will become an original souvenir for you or your loved ones.

Portrait photographer Rzeszów

Price list for portrait photography

Portrait session, which will result in 7 unique and unique photos – PLN 650
A mini portrait session, which will result in 5 unique and unique photos – PLN 500
Maxi portrait session, which will result in 9 unique and exceptional photos – PLN 800

Each additionally selected shot above the basic set, after thorough processing and retouching – PLN 75/piece