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First Holy Communion Photographer Rzeszów

Quite recently, the period in which the First Holy Communion ceremony took place, which is one of the most important events in the life of a young person, has ended. Our photographers were active at that time and made a few photo sessions from this important church ceremony. The First Holy Communion is also an important family event, during which the whole group meets and creates new memories.

Communion photojournalism

Our offer of taking photos from the First Holy Communion ceremony includes group/class photos and individual First Communion photos. The communion photo session takes place in the form of a reportage, i.e. with the help of photos we tell the whole ceremony from beginning to end. However, there is a difference in the reportage from a group communion session and an individual one. We are in a hurry to introduce the topic.

Group communion photos

Communion group photos or communion class photos focus on the general group, i.e. a group of children who make their First Holy Communion.

Communion photojournalism begins with the moment when the Holy Communion participants gather to begin the celebration. It is then that we have the opportunity to capture children making their First Holy Communion together with their parents and peers.

We are present during the most important elements of this ceremony, but the most important of them is the moment of receiving First Holy Communion. For this reason we photograph each individual child receiving this sacrament to provide a unique souvenir and to make this moment better remembered by each of them.

After the First Holy Communion ceremony, we take group photos of children in front of the altar or church together with the catechist and other priests participating in the ceremony. Against the same background, we also take portrait photos of each child separately with the catechist.

Individual communion photos

Individual photos from the First Holy Communion differ in that the photojournalism is created not only from the ceremony taking place in the church, but also begins during the preparations for communion at home. The photos capture the preparations, which are often accompanied by slight stress and haste.

After immortalizing these magical details together, we go together to the First Holy Communion ceremony at the church. There, as in the case of a group photo session, we capture the most important elements of the ceremony, focusing on the hero of the day, i.e. one child and his family. In the frame, we try to capture the moment when he receives the sacrament for the first time.

The communion session does not end after the ceremony, because the photographer is still present at the family dinner. It is then that he is able to take pictures of the child with the whole family group, or even each one separately, which will be a beautiful communion keepsake in the future.

Communion photographer Rzeszów

We have already done many photo sessions during the First Holy Communion, but each of them required an individual approach to the group or child. Each of these celebrations has its own style, and the family reunion has its own atmosphere. To reflect them, we keep the most important details and moments in the photos.

We present you, among others, photos from the First Holy Communion held in Staroniwa, a district of Rzeszów, which took place at the end of May. Such communion photos will be a series of memories and a souvenir from the day of receiving the First Holy Communion for the child, as well as his family. It is worth noting that the photos received from us have already undergone professional retouching, which improves their visual condition.

If you are interested in communion photos and are interested in a good communion photographer, write to us or call us. Please visit Contact.

Communion photographer Rzeszów – M.Wolan

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