It’s not just another one wedding;) Couple things were different, for instance, after church, we go to cinema to watch short movie about Jane and Mike in Odeon Cinema.
Brides preparation has been made in Presidental suite at Strand Hotel in Limerick. Short wedding session has been made at Golf resort in Ballykisteen Hotel. Personally I Love Irish weddings, there different and pretty similar to polish, but irish people are much more diferent than polish, so it was a pleasure to fly another one time to Ireland. Marry Magdalene church is beatifull outside and inside, but is very very diffucult, because of sodium lamps at the top, that gives difficult colors to work with them. After all, wedding party is a real bomb, olny Irish, can play like this! All colours and lights has been made by me :)


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11/04/2018 04:12

Rewelacyjne zdjęcia! Bardzo dużo błędów w tekście powyżej, warto by poprawić. Pozdrawiam.

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